Installing and Configuring


The documentation applies to: v0.9.15

Before you begin, ensure your environment has been installed these software’s below


You can go this link to download version 3.1


You can go this link to download MySQL 8.0 or later


Change configuration file appsettings.json

Step1: Add database connection string

"ConnectionStrings": {
"MainDatabase": "Server=???;Port=3306;Database=?????;Uid=???;Pwd=??;Allow User Variables=True;Ssl Mode=none"

Step 2: Define Urls

"Urls": ""

Step 3 (optional): Logging

"Name": "MySQL",
"Args": {
"connectionString": "Server=???;Port=3306;Database=?????;Uid=???;Pwd=??;Allow User Variables=True;Ssl Mode=none",
"tableName": "log"

Access the address and click on the install button.

The default administrator password is:
Login: admin
Password: admin